Friday, January 16, 2009

1513. The sign in front of this at the Frazier International History Museum reads, "Gatling gun caisson. Gatling guns weighed over 250 pounds. To move them required a heavy artillery carriage and a set of horse-drawn wheels like the ones displayed here." Although at the link it's called a limber.

The caisson shown above can also be seen in this photo:

1514. A knife sharpener, the blade is pulled between the ceramic parts to sharpen it:

1515. Haven't yet been able to verify any of these guesses for this tool:
-used to lift manhole covers
-for removing the top of a home-heating oil tank
-possibly used to tie off a load
-for repairing sheet metal work like a dented fender

1516. A katar dagger from India, a type of short punching sword used to pierce armor in hand to hand combat.

Larger image

1517. A singletree, used when rigging up horses to a wagon, patent number 547,272.

Larger image

1518. A bull staff, patent number 1,226,201, used to safely lead an ornery bull by attaching the end to the ring in the bull's nose, according to the patent, the spurs on the hook are "for the usual purpose". The patent for a different bull staff explains:

"If on the other hand, the animal misbehaves, the handle is oscillated to bring the serrations against the bridge of the nose of the beast, whereupon the latter will immediately desist, and at all times will be under the control of the attendant."

From patent number 984,157

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